X-Techarts & XTech-Upgrade

X-Techarts developed XTech-Upgrade in October 2017 and is now used for all Sage X3 upgrades in France and Italy.


  • Facilitates upgrades starting at v5
  • Offers a new project methodology to better engage customers
  • Synchronizes data to minimize down time

X-Tech Tools

  • Folder Copy
  • Table Consistency
  • Data Comparisons
  • Efficient Balance Resync

What's possible

Go-Live: 5 hours

  • 30 mins. - run financials and stock for 3 companies
  • 30 mins. - extract data changes
  • 3 hours - data integration and folder refresh
  • 1 hour - data validation

Case Study

  • Hundreds of customizations
  • Upgraded from V7 to V11
  • 4 folder refreshes
  • 3 weekly syncs (15-30 minutes each) leading up to Go-Live weekend

Who We Are

Rebel-Lyon was started in 2019 as a joint venture between Danielle Holt and Logtimiz to bring add-ons from France and other countries to North America.

Partner Care Consulting

Our goal is to share our technical expertise on the capabilities of Sage X3. Partners can utilize our experts to increase technical resources, provide clients with better service and gain access to global add-ons.

Xtech-Upgrade and Tools sales
Upgrade support
Technical consulting