X-TECH Upgrade

Imagine an upgrade that is automated, reliable, and engaging to users.

Lower minimum version requirements

No need for a temporary environment to get to current release

Easy adoption and validation of the new version by users

Why upgrade with X-TECH Upgrade?

XTech-Upgrade will completely change your perception of a Sage X3 upgrade. It will allow you to refresh Sage X3 V12 with the live data in your current Sage X3 version. X-Techarts have designed this innovative approach to upgrade Sage X3 and have developed the necessary support tools inside Sage X3 as an add-on. The Go-live "weekend" of an upgrade becomes a matter of hours and a process that can be tested, timed, and practiced as often as necessary to ensure business continuity and sucessful integration of supporting applications.

Easy to use

Direct Synchronization starting from V5.

Management of setting evolution during the project and analysis tools embedded in the product.

Automatic creation of environments with up-to-date development and fresh data.

Use of native database tools and parallelization mechanisms.


Replacement of the initial upgrade by the “Full Synchronization” offering recovery points.

Reliability of the operations: All the operations can be re-executed. Numerous integrated controls help to avoid oversights and highly reduce the risk of error.

Integrated workflows that notify you of any event in real time.
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